Rebecca Walker

Rebecca Walker (1996) is an American artist based in Winterthur, Switzerland. She paints a wide variety of subjects and has been continuously working towards painting realism in as much color as possible. Check out the store to order some of her prints or contact her for a commission or an original.

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Artist Mission Statement

There are many reasons why an artist might work towards having an online presence: to sell her art work, to gain recognition in the art world, to share her accomplishments with the community and to be sought out for commissions. Naturally, I am interested in all of these outcomes. But I am most compelled by another possibility.

Throughout my life I have always believed in taking leaps. In 2017 I chose to uproot my entire life in the United States and move to Switzerland to study art. As a result of that leap I have married the man that I love, gained my bachelors degree in Art Education, am now nearly fluent in German, and have built a community and world around me that I would have never thought possible. My goal here is to not only to achieve the predictable set of outcomes associated with an online presence, but to discover the brand new possibilities that come with them and above all else, to take the next leap.

Online Store

Are you interested in purchasing some artwork or prints? Then feel free to browse the various options available in my online shop. You are also welcome to contact me personally  for any commission-based work that you have in mind.