Who’s this chick?

I am a young artist from the American suburbs carving out my own story in a European city. That’s a fancy way of saying I’m fresh off of the boat. 

I am originally from Ellicott City, MD and moved to Winterthur in 2017 to pursue a degree in Art and Teaching at the Zurich School of the Arts (Zürcher Schule der Künste). I was raised with as much creative and artistic opportunity as possible and could not be more thankful for that chance. 

I spent summers in art camps, weekends drawing and painting and downtime dreaming about where it would take me. That’s why I am passionate about not only creating art myself, but also teaching it. I have seen first hand the benefits that come from a childhood of unending creativity and I would love to share that blessing with as many young artists as possible.

When I am not pursuing opportunities to teach art, I am creating it myself. I mostly enjoy painting and drawing realistic artworks, however I am not strictly bound to any one style. As you can see in my gallery, I also am intrigued by a number of subjects, mediums and styles. I like to allow my style to change and grow as I do.

Currently I have been working on a series I like to call Creative Cocktails. I was inspired to start painting cocktails in November 2020 to give people a flavor of their pre-COVID lifestyle. I want people to see these deconstructed drinks and not only taste their favorite specialty beverage, but also remember the excitement of ordering such a drink: seeing their favorite gin, whisky or cocktail on a menu and anticipating the moment that it arrives at their table.

 I gave a number of these Creative Cocktail paintings to my friends and family and loved seeing the excitement on their faces after seeing their favorite drink in vibrant watercolors. I plan to continue painting these recipes until I discover another series that I am passionate about. If you’re interested in this series or any others, check out my online store or contact me for more information.

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