I painted this piece when I was inspired by the worlds of color that are hidden in our complexions. I spent days revealing the many layers of color under each shift in tone.

I love the translucent beauty of snow being thrusted into the air as skiers fly by. This painting was created to emulate that rush of excitement. I used an oil based paint that was watered down to a very translucent degree with paint thinner to get the multilayered affect of snow in the air.

In a lot of my work I direct my creativity into being very realistic and aesthetically pleasing. But sometimes I find that it is also good to just let my creativity flow naturally. I do this in many ways, sometimes semi-realistically (as seen here) and sometimes I doodle and create into complete abstraction. This piece is a flow-tangled portrait.

I love finding stories in odd places. One focus I had in the past year was finding the stories told by a persons hands. Our hands touch every moment of our lives and like faces or finger prints, they are entirely and completely out own. These beautiful hands belong to my husbands grandmother. They tell a story of picking potatoes out of a field, of holding three generations of children in their loving palms and of endless days spent knitting garments for anyone and everyone in the family. These hands are love.

This is a piece from a series I titled Tech Trance. We spend many hours of the day staring at our phones and computers and constantly casting harsh LED lights onto our faces. This series was made to highlight the ghastly effect that it has on our complexions and to emphasize the zombie-like expressions that it gives us.

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