From nature themes to vacation scenes

Blue Birds of Happiness

Cotton, eucalyptus and two birds of happiness.


A commissioned piece I painted for someone who loves their car.

A Circle of Seasons

Nature’s  ever-changing beauty.

Flat Tire

Making my way downtown, pushing fast, faces pass and I’m homebound.

Spring Flowers

Rejoicing in the vibrancy of spring

Copper Mug

The best way to drink a Moscow Mule.

Joy Flies

One blue bird of happiness before she meets another.

An Old Fashioned

A classic cocktail.

Annapolis Sunset

A sunset enjoyed on the Inner Harbor in Annapolis.

Whisky Sour Detail Shots

A little different yet delicious.

Gin and Tonic Detail Shots

With delicious hints of pepper and cucumber.

An Artsy Murph

Murphy is one of the worlds greatest dogs.

An Artsy Jill and Murph

Murphy is really one of the worlds greatest dogs.

Sibling Vacation

My brothers and I swimming in a Grotto in Italy

Another Artsy Murph

This dog is an LL Bean quality model. 

Cardinal Watercolor

With a digital background

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